Social Networking

People have observed the power of social media and hence are joining with social networking sites to connect with their known ones. Such sites have proved to be beneficial for both the consumers as well as the business community. Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites, which has attracted more than 500 million active users. Companies have started influencing the power of such sites for the promotion of their goods and services.
TechExtensor is a social networking app development company specializing in the custom social apps development that matches users’ specifications and preferences. Our team of developers utilizes the latest tools to build social media apps, dating apps and social community development applications with intuitive features. Focused on delivering measurable ROI, our social networking application development solutions helps you enhance your online presence, reach a wide audience, expand your business network, boost conversion rate as well as improve customer satisfaction.
Whether it is smartphones, tablets, laptop/desktop, or smart TV, we create apps for each and every platform. Tech offers full range of social media networking development to capitalize on massive social media audiences in areas right from social login/publishing integration to social media commerce. Our team can provide IoT-enabled social media monitoring applications. We build smart objects optimized for use with social media, allowing automated posts and shares to be generated by the devices, Social media connects with the global audience. It helps to increase the number of prospects and followers. It has attracted new customers from unexpected places.
We provide end-to-end solutions and services to help companies capture insight from engagement to fuel innovation. It provides social interaction to startup corporate sites, showing real world customer contact. Also, there is fast sharing of content through social media integration. It helps in building a community of repeat customers who can help a brand gain a comprehensive boost and earn a credible social name among consumers in general. When social and traditional media are combined, you drive your business. It is truly the most important component of the overall marketing strategy.

Our Social Networking Portfolio and Capability Includes

  • Online polling and reviews

  • Social network analytics tool

  • Better Target Marketing Efforts

  • Custom Social Networking

  • Social publishing platforms

  • Enhance Your Products and Services

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