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We believe the heart of healthcare is the instant service to others.

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About Medico using Video Conferencing

We at TechExtensor have built Telemedicine applications that can be helpful to healthcare professionals/institutes and patients. Telemedicine aka to one-on-one consultations between patients and health professionals via video chat, phone call, or text message. Patients can use telemedicine for annual physical exams as well as to ask one-off questions regarding personal health concerns.


Role of VCS in Medico

Due to COVID-19 across the globe, healthcare providers are facing a significant problem: Attending a new patient with a cough or fever to a clinic, welcoming other infected patients, may affect their resources.

Luckily, healthcare providers today have some great options to better connect doctors with patients so medical care is being taken by stay-at-home orders.

One of them is the video conferencing platform. Video conferencing has gained a great user-base in almost all domains, including healthcare.


Do you know 74% of patients are ready to use Telemedicine Services?

The World Health Organization (WHO) refers to telemedicine as “healing from a distance“. It is the use of telecommunications technology and information technologies to provide remote clinical services to patients. Physicians use telemedicine for the transmission of digital imaging, video consultations, and remote medical diagnosis.


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