Real experience with value-ad

Our Australia based client working in lead management system, value-ad is an expertise in increasing sales activity through the application of our smart analytics, enhancing the use and management of sales leads in both the call center and face to face circumstances.

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Information Technology

The Story Behind

After your marketing efforts achieve a lead, what happens to it? According to recent reports, most marketing leads are never pursued. In fact, it’s estimated that 80% of leads generated through marketing get lost, discarded or ignored. That’s a lot of lost revenue. The most effective way to prevent leads from evaporating is to use a lead management system. To overcome all such issues Value ad shakes hand with TechExtensor for providing better solutions to their respective clients.
Finding robust methods for understanding these factors was important in helping companies make sense of their customer base as well as helping their sales teams increase efficiencies. We knew that effective sales-teams are more convinced, more economically successful and ultimately happier.
At Tech our techies have provided them with all the solutions to run their app in both the platforms i.e. android and ios resulting in which value-ad is currently operated in seven countries spanning three continents –and has managed in excess of 10 million leads.

What does the Value – Ad App do?

Many buyers are not prepared to purchase after only one or two contacts. A lead management system filters lead through a process of multiple engagements, so buyers become more familiar with the company or products and more comfortable with the decision to buy. When lead requests information, responds to free offers, clicks a link or views a page, those actions create a profile that can be analyzed then used as a guide during sales calls. These all points are covered by our expertise in value-ad app.

Key Features

  • Advanced Security

  • Intelligent Routing

  • Lead Activity Scheduling and Tracking

  • Amend lead conversion

  • Reporting and Analysis

  • Automated Capture

User Profile

Value-Ad provides an extensible mass-produced solution that allows companies to put in place a best practice leads management approach.
  • Automated Integrated Marketing

  • Smart Routing

  • Scheduling Lead Activities

  • Tracking Lead Activities

  • Maximized Security

User Profile

Value-ad provides an organized method of classifying and scoring leads as they are captured.
  • Lead Automation

  • Lead Assignment

  • Lead Scoring

  • Lead Prioritization

  • Lead Email SMS and Voice Communication


Here one can view all the information related to lead.

Filtered by

It is for filtering required details as per our need.

Lead Information

This space is for lead information, lead status, date and contact details.

Sync Contact

To sync all the contacts in system user can go to this screen.

Permission to sync contact

The system will ask for permission whether the client is agreed for contact sync or not.

Settings to sync contact

The client can change their setting for synchronizing contacts as per their need.