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Managing Leads: Improving Sales

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About Value-Ad

Value-Ad encourages your credit by enhancing the communication of sales leads to actual sales.

In the departing Call Centre space, we logically evaluate each of your sales executives so that we can assign them leads that they are more likely to sell to. We call this Smart Lead Allocation. Results are quickly evident, measurable, and significant. In the "face to face"‚Äč sales environment, our system is constructed according to your needs and can include automated lead allocation, lead delivery, collection of assessment, as well as reporting. Smart Allocation can also be applied here.

We make it easier for the salesperson to convert leads into sales by delivering:

Value-Ad Products

Value-Ad Products

Smart Lead Allocation (Departing Telemarketing)

Boost-up the growth rate of your departing call center agents using Smart Lead Allocation to allocate leads according to sales success patterns.

Smart Lead Management System (Face-to-Face Sales)

Supervising the activity of your sales force using the Smart Lead Management System emerging in enhanced agent capacity and increased sales.

Who We Help

Value-Ad helps people at all levels in the organization, resulting in company success too.

Chief Distribution Officer (CDO)
Chief Distribution Officers & Chief Insight into sales data so can make company decisions based upon facts.

Expert Trainers

Increase the endurance rate of new agents with data and insights into who to train, on what, and when.

Senior Bancassurance

Report on lead quality and quantity as well as outcomes of progressively expensive bank deals.

Senior Partnership

Record and report back on leads generated from non-traditional (non-banking) partners.


Record the results from all types of campaigns including Social and Digital Lead Generators in the current time.

Senior Agency

Provide actionable insights by observing the activity and skills of division.

Who We Help
Management system

How Smart Lead Management system works

Smart Lead Management System an implement a software-as-a-service process that is easy to use.

Step 1

Out of the box functionality is deployed and can be used as-is to assemble leads, allocate to the most suitable sales-executive, manage and report on the sales process.

Step 2

If required composition, integration, or hosting changes can be made as per your need.

Step 3

Current time insight into sales activity, and results.

Our Application is Available on Android and iOS

Right leads matched to right sales-executive according to AI and matching rules such as Geography, Ownership, Product Type, Client Type, Sales-executive Behaviour; Sales-executive notified of new leads; Sales activity feedback collected and reported.

TechExtensor creative UI UX design team comes up with iterations of wireframe and designs mock-ups with world-class design results.

Bank industry
Bank industry

Value-Ad has been managing the banking industry for the last 10 years. We are proud to say that our product stipulation meets the needs and compliance of the Banking industry.


Value-Ad provides a Smart Lead Management System for the insurance industry which not only helps them to commute more sales credit but also helps identify the training needs of the agents according to specific team objectives.


Value-Ad provides Smart Lead Allocation to increase sales in the depart telemarketing industry with a logical approach of connecting the contact to the right sales executive every time. Our customers can use existing resources for increased output.

Problems We Solve
Problems We Solve

Invent how Value-And can breathe new life into your sales force! Our solutions are built on research, analysis, and key strategies, backed by years of experience in the industry.


Current-time insight into all stages of the sales process so can take action to optimize each step.

Speed of Delivery
Speed of Delivery

Fast distribution leads to the most suited sales-executive results in more sales.

Existing Resources
Existing Resources

Enhances sales skills and activity while reducing lead wastage and quantifying lead source quality.

Endurance of New Agents
Endurance of New Agents

Increase staff confinement as easy to distribute leads and identify skill training.


Beautiful Design and Comfortable User Interface