Trading Application

Make the main trading functionalities at your fingertips anytime, anywhere, using your Device.

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What does the Trader App do?

The trader app is a portable online trading application available on any internet-enabled Android and iOS device. Using Trader application one can make the main trading functionalities at their fingertips anytime, anywhere, using their Devices. It is the best solution for all the traders who may not find time to monitor or even be connected with their Live Market which they used to watch on their PCs, Anyone who wants, can try it themselves and can find how convenient and flexible trading is with a Trader, benefiting from the same functionalities your system is providing to you, with a few simple steps, just download the app, enter your login information, select your broker, and you are ready to Go.

Key Features

  • Easy to Setup and Trade.

  • Monitor Live Prices.

  • Modify and Cancel Orders.

  • Review the Status of your Orders.

  • Execute Live Trades from your Android Device.

  • Watch List to keep a list of your favorite Trade.

  • Monitor your Account Summary.

  • Financial Charts with Indicators.

  • Check your History trades.

  • Net Trade Screen.

  • Multiple-Accounts Support.


Quote A frequently changing list of all symbol with below details Single-click order place from pending quote screen
  • The high value of the symbol

  • The low value of the symbol

  • Bid value

  • Ask Value

  • Spread Value

  • Date and net trade difference


Trade Get the list of all placed orders including open position, pending orders and net trades with below details list.
  • Open Date, Order ID, Commission, Interest, S/L, T/P, Comment¬†Powerful summary with Balance, credit, Margin, Free Margin, Margin Level, Equity.

Powerful summary with Balance ,credit ,Margin ,Free Margin, Margin Level , Equity.
  • Can place a new order.

  • Can close position.

  • Can cancel the order.

  • Can modify the order.

  • Can manage the position.

  • Can Close by the hedge.


  • Trader app helps its users to manage multiple accounts.

  • Users can add another account under logged in account.

  • Can switch to any added account can place orders and do any other activity with that account.

  • Can remove the added account.


Trader app provides news to its users. Users can see a list of all news of the market with details and images.
  • News list.

  • News details.

Watch List

Trader app helps its user to make quote as favorite and keep a watch on those only. Users can create any number of watch-list and can add symbol in watch-list And can get a watch on only those quotes.

  • Create or Update watch-list.

  • Add symbol in existing watch list.

  • Remove symbol from watch list.

  • Delete watch list.


History Trader app History consists of all closed order with below details and features.

  • Open date, Ticket ID, T/P, S/L, Commission, Interest.

History screen has a powerful filter list for all range including DAY, MONTH, CUSTOM, WEEK Balance summary with below details.
  • Total Trade.

  • Total Profit.

  • Total Loss.

  • Commission.

  • Interest.

  • Total P/L.


Settings Trader app provides powerful settings options to their users.
  • Want to see the app in Landscape mode?

  • Want to see the app in full screen?

  • Wants to see hints how app works?

  • Option to set vibrate on place order.

  • Option to see or hide Low value in quote screen

  • Option to see or hide timing in pro quote screen

  • Option to set sound while place order.


Trader app helps its users to manage their mails using application. User can see all mails get from back-office with below features.

  • List of all emails.

  • Search mail.

  • Compose new mail.

  • Forward mail.

  • Delete mail.