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About SupaBear

SupaBear lead management process will make your entire real estate business feel lighter, not heavier. With SUPABEAR- Real Estate Lead Management System, you don’t need to fear missing relevant information about your leads in the sales pipeline. With a clear timeline, displaying each update of the lead activities you can stay up-to-date with crucial details needed to take timely actions.

features of Supabear includes
The main features of Supabear includes:

Powerful dashboard Analytics

In the real estate platforms, The data is often unstructured and unaccounted. The Supabear allows agents to prospect leads, manage and follow up on them, view the status, close on them, and ultimately account for the costs and commissions. Viewing the dashboard with a horde of information on it can turn out to be a very overwhelming experience. Bar charts, pies, metrics, numbers, arrows, percentages, ratios, and what not go swimming in front of your eyes.

Admin Module

Admin Module:

A Lead Management System (LMS) fundamentally manages the administrative aspects of the number of Leads generated, at every stage of the process.

Supabear LMS plays an essential role in managing the Real estate process as it’s containing all the information about what owner/agent or SBS doing at what time. Working with protocols, they check which property has been gone for Sale /Rent/Buy. Once the property is categorized between these three categories it undergoes various statuses like Work in progress/ Booking Received/Sold/Rented/Withdrawn.

Property Owner Module

Describing the role of an owner in Supabear LMS we can say Owner is able to add a property with categories For Sale, For Rent, To Buy, or To Rent.which includes property type like Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Land.

Property Owner Module
Property Agent Module

Property Agent Module:

Describing the role of an Agent in Supabear LMS we can say Agent can create the property and are highly active in the market of selling or buying property. The agent keeps a complete record of all the properties like For Sale, For Rent, To buy, To Rent also they can filter properties on the basis of various types of properties as per their need from Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Land.

SBS Module

Describing the role of an SBS in Supabear LMS we can say SBS are Supabear Agents who do not have access to create their account of their own instead their account has been created by Admin. SBS does not have any access except they can change their passwords.

SBS Module