Silinko App

Stay relaxed and keep your list up to date within a single touch system

Our Australia based client having his own shopping center wanted to keep his list to be managed within a web system and TechExtensor built full featured drop down enabled real time system with latest technologies.

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What does the Silinko App do?

The main purpose of SelinKo app is to data scanning and it is completely based on NFC READER. User can register through entering basic details like name, gender, email id, date of birth. Once users have successfully register with the system, they can authenticate and encode data too. By entering the code to the write screen, NFC READER read that code and provide the details of the product.

Key Features

  • Nfc Reader

  • Tag Scanning

  • Write Data

  • Encode

Transfer Ownership

Transfer ownership for products , this feature allow owner to transfer ownership of product to other vendor , this option will enable only if logged in user will be owner of that product ,  other user only can see that product detail.