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Real Experience with Real estate application.

Our Canada base client wanted a complete solution for real-estate broker and seller to sell and buy real estate properties including web and mobile application with various features.

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What Does Real Estate Application Do?

Real Estate App a single hood platform for the Property Brokers, sellers and referrers. Allows users to Manage their Property Dealing, property enlisting, Brokering, and the references. The Real Estate App will make real estate business Easier, time saving & more productive where all the sellers, Brokers and referrers connects on single platform.
Real Estate App Provides three modules:
  • Property seller Module.

  • Broker Module.

  • Referrer Module.

Key Features

  • Property Listing.

  • Property Details.

  • Payment via PayPal.

  • Referrals Earnings.

  • Commission and payment management.

  • Ratting and reviews.

  • Dashboard and analytics.

  • To Do For all users.

  • System Activity and logs.

  • Application data configurations via Admin.

  • User Management.

  • Export to excel feature.

  • Setting for terms of use and privacy policy.

  • Multi language.

  • More businessnvia refferal for broker and seller.

  • Emails, sms and push notifications.

Property Management

  • Application allows seller to add property with all detailed feature and images.

  • Property details with all features with image slider.

  • Predefined property Timeline with all details of property operation.

  • Different property listing for seller, broker, referrer.

  • Role wise property details view.


Application provides powerful TODO feature to guide users what to do next?
  • Different To-do list for seller, broker and referrer.

  • End- to-end guide for users.

  • To do with all property next step.

  • To do with details count and text.

 Referral Module

Application provides powerful feature to refer other users and get earning commission on each sell of property. Broker can invite old clients and get feedback and rating to make strong profile.

  • Seller can Invite another seller and become referrer for other seller.

  • Referrer can get commission on each property transactions

  • Broker can invite old clients.

  • On sign up of old client broker can get rating and reviews from old clients and make profile strong for system.

 SMS, Emails and Push notifications

Application provides SMS, Email and push notifications on each activity of property.

  • Broker get notification on new property available for sell.

  • Seller will get notification for interested broker for their property.

  • Broker will get notification while seller choose or decline his profile.

  • Seller will get notification on sell property.

  • Broker will get notification while getting ratting from seller.

  • Emails on each activity …

  • Referrer got email on invited seller sign up.

  • Referrer got email for each activity of invited seller to get commission.

And many more events and SMS and emails ……

User Profile

Property sellers can manage and update their profile details like
  • Profile Image

  • Contact name

  • Contact Number

  • E-mail id

  •  Address

  • City