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Offer Management System

Offer Management System 

Here  are highlights of all the features:

About  Offer Management

An offer Management system is a dedicated and integrated management tool for a business user to use. Using an offer management system, Restaurant uses can reach thousands of potential customers around your area and beyond.
A complete solution to manage business users and application users along with content management.

Why Offer Management

  • Reach thousands of potential customers around your area and beyond.
  • Promote your venue and add attractive offers via your own Control Panel.
  • Access unique insight about how customer interact with your events.

Key Benefits

  •  Business User Management

  •  Category Management

  • App User Management

    •  Offers Management 

    • Venue Management

    • Easy To Use Platform

    • Customizable Features

Venue and Offer Management

Offer Management provides powerful Dashboard statistic including business users to add all venues with the address as well as google map address and offer with image upload.


  • Add venue with Address, opening and closing time

  • Add Venue Google location

  •  Add Offer using an added venue

  • Upload Offer images along with offer duration and status

  • Device ratio Publish offer and reach to thousands of customers

 Manage Profile 

Using Offer Management business users can manage business profile along with social media management.
  •  Manage Delegate name, business email and contact details.

  • Manage social links like Instagram, Facebook, as well as website.

Manage Business and App Users

Using Offer Management system Admin can manage all business users along with their venues and offers.
  • Admin has the authority to approve or reject business users.

  • Admin can manage offers and venues on behalf of business users.

  • Get details of all app users of the system along with details.

Category and Content Management

  • Admin can manage all category and subcategory of the system with the status of active or inactive.

  • Admin can manage content management for T&C and privacy policy for application users.

  • Can manage About app and How it works from the admin panel only.

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  • July 4, 2019