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Offer Management System 

Here  are highlights of all the features:

About  Offer Management

An offer Management system is a dedicated and integrated management tool for a business user to use. Using an offer management system, Restaurant uses can reach thousands of potential customers around your area and beyond.
A complete solution to manage business users and application users along with content management.

Why Offer Management

  • Reach thousands of potential customers around your area and beyond.
  • Promote your venue and add attractive offers via your own Control Panel.
  • Access unique insight about how customer interact with your events.

Key Benefits

  •  Specific Categories to serve each industry
    Once at a time to keep things simple

    Your business can select a subcategory to help users focus their search

  •  Interactive Map showing all upcoming events and offers Easy to use!

    Check out your own listing and other local venues. Make it competitive

  • Smart and brief filtering, to help along with the results

    Check-out the in-App filtering to learn more about how users engage with it

User Profile

Users can manage see their profile details as well can edit required details.
  • User can request to admin to get their full profile details.

  • User can enable / disable notification and email via profile.

Offer Listing

  • Large Listing Display Add here all the information about your special offer or event.

  • Choose high impact, brief titles and description.

  • Upload some of your best pictures.

  • Integrated tools to help users navigate easier to your location.

  • Keep your venue details accurate and up to date.

Favorite Offers

  • User can browse all events and offers and can save event and offer as favorite.

  • Can see list of all favorite offers as well as can mark as favorite.