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My Place is an online destination for Owners and renters to rent homes. Its Android and Windows based property search application provide immediate information about real estate renting listings sourced directly from the owner’s side. Mobile searching is on the mark in every industry, including property search for rent. It’s fact that real-estate industry is becoming an area that utilizes mobile web and mobile apps the most. Real estate mobile applications help to reach out your potential customers by offering them round the clock flexibility to contact you, even on the go.

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Real Estate

The Story Behind

Most of the property searches are now done online. Statistics says that 90% of people search homes, offices, warehouses, etc. online. And, 1/5 of real estate searches are done through smart devices. Today, there are a lot of speculations that mobile searching is projected to overtake searching through a desktop computer, completely.
Mobile Solutions offers several benefits to the real estate industry in order to give their users an unmatched flexibility to search their desired property, easily and more efficiently. When it comes to give convenient services to your customers to rent properties, with Real Estate App Development Solutions, User can accomplish all purposes to amplify their business in a contemporary way. Using Real Estate Mobility Solutions, you can deliver 24/7/365 services to your customers without the need of accompanying them physically.
Managing your life with a smartphone has become second nature. Now, managing your home security from the palm of your hand – whether home or away – can be second nature too, with My Place.
My Place offers an affordable security solution with choice – making it the ideal solution for both renters and homeowners. The hardware is portable and can move through life with you. Choose the MyPlace pack that suits your needs today, with the comfort of knowing additional coverage and capabilities are available to suit your needs tomorrow.

What does the My Place Application do?

The functioning of the My Place app is simple. The agenda of any Android or iPhone app development company is to keep the UI and UX simple, easy and uncluttered. The owners of the property can list the property with the app. They have to submit description and details with the exact location of their property along with images. Owners also need to mention the price on which they are willing to rent their property. On the other side, the users can browse different properties & contact the owners of the property they feel like.

Key Features

  • Extensive search options with filters

  • Multimedia

  • Social Media Integration and other contact options

  • Push notifications

  • In-Depth Details Of The Property

  • Lead Tracker

Tenant Profile

Property tenants can manage and update their profile details
  •  Profile Image

  • Contact name

  • Contact Number

  • E-mail id

  • Address

User Profile

Users can have their dream home by clicking on my place app.
  • Property Specific Design

  • Chat option

  • Property Search Facility

  • Edit Property Items

  • Easy Payment Modes

Search options with filters

Search option should include the type of house (bungalow, condo, or apartment), number of rooms, locality, price range, proximity options (to schools, place of worship, shopping area, hospitals etc.)


Notifications will directly reach the customer via their mobile phone, even if they do not open the app. It is a more cost effective advertising medium than newspaper or TV commercials.


Adding photos and videos is a primary requisite as it makes it easier for the buyer to make a shortlist. The presentation of the property will influence the buyer’s purchase decision to a great extent. 


Chat option is available there in the my place app so that tenant could communicate with owner.

Update property details

Owner can update property details by adding all the relevant fields.

Add new property

This feature is there to add property if the owner has more property options.

Benefits to owner & tenant

This app is benefited simultaneously for owner and tenant as owner can add property and tenant to have property of their liking

Request for Repair

All the complaints which an owner receives could be seen in request for repair section.


The referrers accept invitation by broker and signup for application, system will verify referrers. Those referrers are shown in verified section. 


Schedule can be fixed for the entire request which an owner receives.


Calendar shows the detailed view of complaints which had been registered by tenants.

Full Payment

If a tenant wanted to pay full payment of 12 installments he/she can submit all in one go.

Partial Payment

If a tenant is facing any financial issue he / she can do part payment.

Payment by plaid

A tenant has to first verify its account from plaid than has to link it with bank than he/she will be registered user of my place app and can pay his/her rent any time.

Request Repair

When a person is renting a house, apartment, condominium or office space, the property owner or landlord is usually responsible to making any repairs and the general upkeep of the property. However, the tenant should check his or her tenant or lease contract to make sure who is responsible for repairs on the property and the procedure for getting repairs.
If the property needs repair, the tenant should send a repair request letter to the landlord or owner that gives the details of the problem and reminds the landlord that it his or her duty to pay for the repairs. This whole process takes place in My Place app and tenant can have all the updates whether their issues has been fixed or not.