Insurance Management

An insurance app that saves your time and make your life easier

Our client, he is located to Canada and he wanted his web app for Insurance management, an insurance agency dealer who wanted to design and develop his own insurance app for internal office use for his employees working as agents.

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The Story Behind

Are you an insurance agent/business? And are you thinking to save your time in presenting your plans for many different insurance to your prospects and want to make easy process of your story telling about your products with a system which can do most of your stuff?
TechExtensor’s research team have observed that today’s life of insurance agent is to chase people from relatives and friend circle for asking them to buy plans of insurance, convert it into leads and then convert leads into customers. Moreover, agent needs to carry many files of documents which are basically papers. Also agent needs to go here and there with her/his laptop to give a presentation for explaining people how insurance plan makes them feel secure and how it is really helpful and so many other things which takes your lots of time and make your life like you can’t get time to spend time for your personal better life and at the same time, it is a big challenge for you as an agent to keep record up to date for each and every client.
Now just think, if there is such a system which do all of your tasks on behalf of you which saves your big amount of time, which can save your paper work, if it’ll save even your time and efforts to reach out to client’s place. Then definitely, you’ll be able to focus on living a better life professional as well as personal because there is a complete web mobile solution developed by TechExtensor team which comes with most useful features for performing insurance agent and management stuff as per following

What does the Insurance Portal do?

Insurance portal is Web Application Developed for Insurance company for manage their customer and insurance detail for client as well as manage upcoming events in calendar.
Insurance portal having 3 Different modules for Client Investment & Insurance and Calender.Client Module manage all details for clients and Using Insurance and Investment can keep track of Client’s Insurance and Investment data as well as manage all related Documents .
  • Maintain Client Data in easy way

  • One Click Print Data For Client And Insurance Data

  • Keep Track for Upcoming Events in Calendar

  • Keep Track of Insurance and Investment Details of Clients

  • One Click Upload and download all related Documents for Insurance & Investment

Client Module

  • Client Module contains list of all valuable clients will all personal details and insurance and Investment Details , as well can upload and download necessary working files.

  • One client can have multiple address and email and Phone No, Insurance portal stores multiple records for single client with additional details like Health card and passport, SIN.

  • Client can attach and download their all documents and can delete also.

  • Using Insurance portal Client Module , can print all data for client and save as Pdf also.

Filter & Export Clients

For easy search process Insurance Portal allow to Filter Customer on basis of some Criteria.As well as can Export all elient in csv file.

Insurance & Investment Module

Best module of Insurance portal contains all detail about insurance and Investment detail for client , one client can have multiple insurance and investment policies.Can keep track for all details for insurance and Investment with multiple owner and Multiple Insured details.
Can Print Investment and Insurance detail from Insurance and Investment Module.


Most Interesting Module of Insurance postal is calendar module .Calendar Module contain list off all events ,past and upcoming events. Can add and edit events in one click.
Can search all events across all months. And add new events with color.