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“If you can 'hire tough’, you can manage easy”

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Technologies Angular, .Net, MS Sql Server
Industry Recruitment

About Hiring Adda

Bridging talented people to the talented companies, we focus to entrust people and improve the issue of high societal unemployment rates by connecting individuals to worthy jobs, therefore increasing business profitability and efficiency, boosting economic growth through an ingenious and technological platform.

How can Hiring Adda help you find a job?

We know how stiff the job market is! We aim to make the task of finding the ideal job much easier.
​No more paperwork like printing, scanning, etc. and spending money on resumes. Just complete your profile on our mobile app, and let recruiters find you.

Complete your Hiring Adda profile

Hiring Adda lets you complete your profile by adding your personal, educational, and professional information.
Besides this, you get to upload pictures, and also answer predefined interview questions, which will permit you to be extraordinary from all other applications.

Hiring Adda is completely free for candidates

You can download the aspirant’s app from the play store for an android while from the Apple store for iPhone users and sign up to the Hiring Adda app. We are available on iOS and Android, supporting the most common devices out there.
Post a free Job

You can post your job, which can be seen by all the aspirants. And whatever job you have posted through the web will be visible on our mobile application.

Search through Database

Once you find the desired aspirant, go on and send them a message, using our chat tool.

Undergo the list of your Aspirants:

All you have to do is filter through your applications. You can filter by personal, educational, or professional information. This will save you time, and money by lowering your search

The desired resume

Every application you receive will have some default questions answered in video, or voice format before they send an application, which essentially erases the first phase interview.