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The on-demand mobile apps are providing a complete platform to users for contributing the services within their reach.

While on-demand apps are getting fame and embracing its crest, food delivery, and restaurant apps are becoming a massive success. There are enough mobile apps that work to offer and deliver food to the customers at their doorstep.

We have come up with the implementation of a restaurant mobility solution that makes accepting and delivering orders pretty simple. Just a few clicks on the mobile and customers can get a wide range of meals to order from a mobile app.

How does a food delivery app works?

From putting an order through the food app to order confirmation by the restaurant and pick-up & delivery, here’s how the food delivery app works:

  • Step
    Putting an order

    The user installs the food app on his mobile. Then, he opens the app, selects the restaurant he wants to order from, browses through the menu to select the food items and quantity, and adds them to the cart.

    After selecting the order, the customer makes the payment, upon which the order is placed. He can then start tracking the order status.

  • Step
    Order administered by restaurant

    As soon as an order is placed through the app, a notification for the same is sent to the particular restaurant on its app. The restaurant has the option to accept or reject the order. On acceptance, the order is processed by the cooking staff and a bill for the same is printed automatically. Once the restaurant staff confirms an order, a notification to the nearest delivery person is sent automatically, who then arrives at the restaurant to pick the food.

  • Step
    Delivery by the delivery person

    A delivery person who receives the notification from the restaurant app can see the restaurant location in the delivery persons' app and use the map to reach the restaurant. He then waits for the food to be prepared. Once the order is prepared, the delivery person picks the order and travels to the customer’s location, using the navigation in the app, to deliver the food. Users can track the live order status, check the delivery person’s location, and estimated time of arrival in his app.

  • Step
    Delivery and Feedback

    Food is delivered to the user, and the order status changes to ‘delivered’. The user can review/rate the order and delivery person in the app.

delivery app works

Features of food felivery app

Online order placing is Actual

Placing an order online is a kind of value addition of pleasure and ease which makes many users go in for it. Restaurants also would like to order the food directly because it could reduce their overheads, such as having a quality restaurant, employing people there, and so on.

Users have a better Choice

When users do some research and choose the right to deliver anything app, they also end up having better choices.

It brings in more credit to the restaurants

When you offer online ordering facilities through such apps, you can be sure that the guests will be able to order conveniently. Customers can spend some time exploring all the options and then choose whatever appeals to their taste, needs, and requirements.


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