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Farms Direct is No.1 Market Place for farmers and all other agriculture stakeholders. Farmers can sell/buy their crops using this e-Trading Platform. Farmers can also transparently buy inputs and supplements using online shopping and ecommerce platform.

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The Story Behind

We connectinsightful consumers with diligent farmers globally.  Providing transparency, fair prices and economic support to rural communities Whether you’re looking for this season’s advice or planning for the future, here’s where you’ll find the information to get started. Recommendations from experts, best practice guidance, insights from other farmers – all the ‘know how’ to help make your farm profitable and efficient.
Farms Direct Market Online is where you are able to buy all your favourite locally grown and made goods that you have traditionally found at your local farmers markets in town. Farms directs  aim is to provide you with an easy and efficient online shopping experience with delivery to your home. Farms Direct opened for business not only with vendors but also with farmers directly.   Farms Directis currently seeking more vendors to diversify their line up and support more local growers and makers.
Farms Direct is Africa’s No.1 Market Place for farmers and all other agriculture stake holders. Farmers can sell/buy their crops using this e-Trading Platform. Farmers can also transparently buy inputs and implements using online shopping and ecommerce platform.

What does the Farms Direct App do?

Farms direct app is used to create a connection between farmer, customer and owner through which one can select product of their need and purchase it right away from the app and have it at their home. Farms direct app make it easy to make communication between owner and user to purchase their stuff as per their requirements.

Key Features

  • Economical Service Advantage

  • Documentation and support

  • Detailing On Consumer’s Personalization

  • Order Tracking Option

  • Easy Checkout

  • Diverse Categories

User Profile

Vendors and farmers can match their requirements with the help of farms direct.
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  • Contact name

  • Contact Number

  • E-mail id

  • Address

User Profile

Benefits of having farms direct include easy communication between farmers, vendors and owner
  • Grocery Specific Design

  • Personalized/Custom Made Offer Option

  • Product Search Facility

  • Edit List Items

  • Easy Payment Modes


This section of the app comprises of all the products available in the app from fruits to veggies, a user can easily view whatever product he is looking for. 

Product details

Product details is mentioned over there so that one can purchase by going through the products detail in expanded form 

Farms Direct apps is popular because

A trouble-free shopping experience is an obvious reason for the popularity of farms direct app among the users. It is much easier to browse through an app to select and order all the grocery items rather than going to any such store. More to this, the doorstep delivery is an added advantage. Involving personally into this practice is time-consuming and tiring at the same time. Hence, we have come up with an innovative way of developing cart system in this app. 
The food is counted among one of the basic requirements of individuals regardless of the social and class people belong to.

My Orders and Cart

This is the section where user can put its selectable items in cart and track their orders.
Availability and ease are the two decisive features of our system design. End-to-end design sequence also matters for our professionals when concentrating on grocery ecommerce script development. Therefore, our Farms Direct app development has a number of features including mobile-optimized storefronts, easy checkout option, customized designs (as per clients’ preferences), etc. We have focused on such a things in app development that helps our client to manage their entire online store with their mobile devices only.
Being an advanced grocery mobile app development company, TechExtensor sticks to the introduction of innovative technology with the related app development services. Therefore, if you are looking for an innovative online grocery website/app development solution, we are the perfect destination for you. Appoint us as your one-stop solution partner and reap the service benefits thereafter.

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The market of adaptable goods is pretty different from consumer electronics or books and gifts. User need a constant supply of grocery and apps often subscribe to their regular grocery needs to cease the need of continual ordering. 
On top of that, nobody likes to wait a week or so to receive a dozen of apples. As a result, grocery apps often supply results in slots to cut cost unlike sellers on ecommerce platforms who resort to personalized delivery services.
The margin on grocery is much lesser than that on non-consumable goods. Thus, for online grocery stores, the competition with local grocery stores is stiff considering factors like low margin and shipping charges.
In grocery, the changes triggered by e-commerce have been adaptive rather than innovative. The evolution of grocery e-commerce has overtaken the brick and mortar retail not only in developed but also in developing countries.