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Cab Sahara is Cloud-based taxi dispatch software that is intended to deform the taxi industry with innovative features. User can Book taxi in city of their choice with Cab Sahara and get perfect ride. Book Cab Sahara cab for airport transfer, railway transfer and day packages. Also get best cab booking Deals on city to city car rentals from Cab Sahara. Taxies of Cab Sahara are neat, clean and driven by well-mannered drivers.

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The Story Behind

With the leveraging automation we at TechExtensor aim to provide wit solution for taxi businesses thus catering all your need at one place, putting your brand to a new level and taxi app solution to zoom away. We made Cab Sahara taxi app which is developed by our expertise which grasp driver to drive more, earn more and rider to choose and book a ride for every occasion.
Cab Sahara offering provides a host of features for drivers, passengers, admins, and dispatchers and can also be personalized with advanced features, customizations, and integration according to the needs of your business.
Our Cab Sahara app developers have built native Android taxi booking apps with all the key features and an intuitive UI to make seamless cab bookings with users branded app.
TechExtensor is a premier taxi aggregator solution provider company offering cutting-edge online Taxi booking Mobile App development services. If a user have a cab booking mobile app idea that may change the world of transportation, taxi booking mobile app developers at Tech help you with giving it a real-life shape. We create highly innovative, feature-rich and technology enabled solutions for Taxi Booking Mobile App Development, Taxi Booking Web Portal and Taxi Aggregator Apps that connect millions of users with your business.
Cab Sahara allows its customers to book their taxi services with just a click from their smartphone. Also, remain in control with their fleet, drivers, customers and valuable insights through a powerful dashboard. At Tech we create feature-rich Taxi Booking App Solutions to take user’s taxi Aggregation business in the digital world.

What does the Cab Sahara do?

We no longer think and ride in a taxi as we used to. Just a few taps on your phone and you’re done! It is the shortcut to efficient time management when hailing a taxi.
There’s a reason why companies are making big bucks. They do more for their user than just saving them the stroll in the blazing sun to get a taxi by providing great facilities to the passenger without taking a toll on their pocket. Here are some advantages of Cab Sahara taxi Booking –
  • Saves User From The Hassle Of Chasing A Taxi

  • Service Is Available 24×7

  • Reliability with GPS Enabled Taxis

Key Features

  • Transparency In Pricing

  • Multiple Payment Options

  • Cost Effective

  • Taxis Are Clean And Air Conditioned

  • Assured Availability Of Taxi

  • Security

User Profile

A taxi booking software app might just be what user need if he/she owns a taxi business
  • Profile Image

  • Contact name

  • Contact Number

  • E-mail id

  •  Address

  • City

Multiple Property Enlisting

Taxi app helps its users to do more and build on their customer base
  • Home

  • Area / Sq. yards

  • Payment

  • My Ride

  • Google Maps

  • Calling Features

  • Book a Ride

  • Cancel a Ride

Reviews & Ratings

The user can share the Reviews and feedback about the driver after completing a ride. User can give driver star ratings out of five.

Select Vehicle Type

User can select vehicle type as per quantity of people.


User can select taxi type and get affordable vehicle as per the need.


User can set Home or Work location as their priority and use them in future.

Book a Ride

User can book a ride according to their need.

Pick Up Location

User can set pick up location and the driver can take him/her away from the given location.


User can check availability of vehicle as per the requirement in what time the cab will come.


User can search for the comfortable taxi by opting from various options.

Payment Methods

Basically there are two to three payment methods so that user can pay their bill, User can select their preferred payment method in the order overview when booking a trip.
Basically user can choose between “Cash payment” and their preferred mobile wallet saved to their account.

Payment through mobile wallet

In this method user can use mobile wallet like paytm user has to add money from his bank account to mobile wallet.
There is a feature of adding minimum amount to travel through mobile wallet payment.

Payment through cash

If a user is not digitally involved he/she can use payment through cash method and pay his/her bill.


A user can register by filling up his/her all the details in registration form available in the mobile app.


After Registration there is no need to register again and again and can login after putting two simple information which are:


A unique email is used for single person to register for taxi app.


A unique password with certain validation is used by user for log in into taxi app.

Select Vehicle Type

User can select Nano, big or extra-large vehicle as per the size people going to ride.

Add Vehicles Details

Driver has to add their vehicles details so that user have in out knowledge about of driver if a person is travelling alone.


As user is having all the details of driver he is absolutely secured for a safe ride.

Key Features

  • Business at your tap

  • More leads 

  • Referrals Earnings

  • Review & Ratings

  • More Effective, Time less property selling 

  • More Business Via referral for Brokers & Sellers

Referrers invited

Broker can view & invite his sellers. 

Referrers Verified

The referrers accept invitation by broker and signup for application, system will verify referrers. Those referrers are shown in verified section. 

Referrers Reviewed

The Referrers put review for broker are shown in the reviewed broker. 

Invite Sellers

Broker invites sellers by putting sellers contact informations. 

My Sellers

Referrer Can view his reffered sellers list in the My Seller section.

Invite Sellers

Reffrers invites sellers by putting sellers contact informations.


Using Payments Referrer request commission for his referred sellers.