Bucket List Management

Stay relaxed and keep your list up to date within a single touch system

Our Australia based client having his own shopping center wanted to keep his list to be managed within a web system and TechExtensor built full featured drop down enabled real time system with latest technologies.

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Information Technology



The Story Behind

If you’ve desire to do something big in your life, you’re on the right page of TechExtensor, every one has a desire to reach somewhere and to get something in his or her life and so to achieve the goal, each person create plans to do many things and divide it in many different list.
The best way to accomplish any task is to divide it in small parts and put it in a container which is called as bucket, let’s take a small but realistic example that you may use bucket while you go for shopping because you’ve a list of items to buy and you keep all items in a bucket so that you can’t miss to buy any single items if whereas shopping is your goal for that particular time, sounds true to yourself?
In your daily routine, you’ve lots of list of tasks to complete on particular deadline and you need the easiest way to manage your bucket list.

What does the Bucket List Management do?

Using Bucket List management User can create Draggable Component , Add Sub Items to component and can swipe Items between conponents and can swipe whole bucket as well ,can Edit and delete component and sub Items.User can upload image to items and components.all components and items are configurable.
  • Fully Responsive

  • Add/Edit/Swipe Bucket /Bucket Items

  • Can Add/Edit/remove Spring

  • fully Configurable

  • Can Add more than one Users

  • User Configurations

Key Features

  • Bucket Management

  • Add/Edit/Remove/Swipe bucket

  • Add/Edit/Remove/Swipe bucket list item

  • User Management

  • Sprint Management

  • Dashboard

  • User Wise bucket list

  • User Status