Bindash Shopping

Bindash Shopping

The major fortunes have been made in “Bindash Shopping”

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International Fashion Brand Website Designed to Impress

The client wanted us to develop an e-commerce website – targeted especially for Women; with a variety of product categories, broadly – Apparels, Shoes and Accessories. One of the basic fundamentals was to empower user experience by providing ‘Filter’ the product via Category & Color variant. The main challenge was to display all the product of Main category in page with list of all sub category as “Category Group Title”.

Bindash shopping website

What does the Bindash shopping website do?

The bindash shopping website comes with an enthralling product catalogue page for each category. Users can view products showcased in different dimensions, besides having a magnified view of the same when hovered with the mouse.

Ease use of Website

The website comes with a vibrant UI and seamless UX that allows users to easily move into the selling process. Users can have the 3D view of a product, its price and even choose color and size by just clicking an image from the product gallery.

Ease use of Website

Beautiful Design and Comfortable User Interface