Our Team

We are a group of 25 plus passionate geeks trying to make a dent in the world with our innovative ideas and flawless execution. If coding is poetry, then our team is full of Wordsworths and Keats and Byrons. And lest you forget the wizardry of marketers, we have them too. These conjurers of ideas, with able support from the digital brushes of our designers, create digital stories that amuse, inform, compel and satisfy. In short, we are an interesting bunch to work with!

Executive Leadership

Our leadership team is made up of people who are both dreamers and doers. They may not have been born with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouth but they had the passion and commitment to dedicate their life and career into nurturing a seedling that has now grown into a fully grown tree, big enough to support 155 plus families.
With decades of collective experience, they are our mentors who guide us at every step, trust us with important decisions and strive hard to lead us into a future where Biztech achieves many more growth milestones and becomes a formidable force in the IT industry.

Our Second Home

A great team can perform to the best of their abilities only in a great workplace. From cafeteria to library, from conference rooms to presentation rooms we have it all to ensure that our team members get the right environment to grow professionally.