SSIS – How to read excel data from nth row


SSIS – How to read excel data from nth row

Today we will see how we can read excel data from nth row using SSIS Excel Source.

Recently while i was working with Excel source , I was faced with the problem where i need to read data from excel file but not from 1’st row .the actual data starts from 4’th row which i need to read.

In short i need to skip first 3 rows from excel file and read data from 4’th row.let me describe how we can do read data after skipping no of rows.

First add new Data flow task and add Excel Data Source . 


Add data source and select the excel file which we wants to read data from file.

Right click on Excel Source click on Properties.Go to Custom Properties and go to OpenRowset and set value to Sheet1$A3:M (M will be second value till data should  read).


Now we can see output using multicast excel data .The same property can be setup programmatically using Script Component.


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