Could not resolve id ‘:@Hidden’ to a model item

In Lightswitch server project change property set bydefault false to true.and project gets failed. The key field ContactId [Guid] is required and 'Display by Default: false' but if you change this then the 'Contact.lsml' overrides metadata is corrupted and can only be manually corrected. This XML needs deleting.   <KeyProperty.Attributes> <Proxy Target="ServiceInterface:Contact/Properties[ContactId]" /> <DiscardFromCollection PropertyName="Attributes" Item=":@Hidden" /> In html client project open property folder and remove this added field property and reload server [...]


How to add multi select checkbox Functionality in lightswitch html client

Step 1: Add table first Add table in your lightswitch this installments table  added for demo. Step 2: create screen Add browse Screen by referencing the table which you have created.     step 3: add custom control After adding screen add custom control to the grid or table layout. step 4 :edit custom control render method Edit custom control rendor method to make custom control as checkbox. click on edit rendor code now write below code on edit render code method and get all checkbox function code. step 5: Add [...]


Crystal reports Bobj is undefined in visual studio 2013.

Today We will see how to solve the javascript error Bobj is undefined when Crystal Report is used with Visual Studio  2013. step1:-Install proper Crystal Reports Runtime First of all You need to install proper crystal reports runtime. step2:-Copy the Crystal Report Support files to your Website Root Directory Once the runtime is installed. Crystal Reports will install the required support files in the location. Now you need to copy the crystalreportviewers13 folder from the above location and paste in your Website project’s root folder [...]


How to disable grid columns in lightswitch desktop client

Follow below steps to Hide grid coloums //Write your grid name in the find control method. IContentItemProxy proxy = this.FindControl("grid"); proxy.ControlAvailable += new EventHandler<ControlAvailableEventArgs>((s1, e1) => { DataGrid dataGrid = (DataGrid)e1.Control; dataGrid.Columns[1].Visibility = System.Windows.Visibility.Collapsed; });


How To:Filter Data on Silverlight Screen in lightswitch 2013

You can filter the data that appears in List and Details, Editable Grid, and Search Data screens. Today We will Setting Filter On Editable Grid. I have One Editable Grid Screen.In That Screen I want To put Filter . First Go to that Screen and go to Edit Query.And add the Filter and parameter Accordingly.   once you will done with Query builder click on BackToScreen. You will find Out Query parameter on left panel of the designer screen.   You can Drag and Drop the query [...]