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How to make your application faster in browsing data?

 Problem Statement: How to make your application faster in  browsing data?  Resolution:  step 1:create Indexes Today we will see how  we can[blox img="http://" height="380" nomargin="false" fixed="false"] Contents [/blox] get or browse data faster by adding indexes in database. most of the fields which are used frequently put index key on all that fields. here we will see how to get all the foreign keys from the datbase. get all the keys by executing  below query to create index script SELECT 'CREATE INDEX IX_' + + ' ON [...]


How to add multi select checkbox Functionality in lightswitch html client

Step 1: Add table first Add table in your lightswitch this installments table  added for demo. Step 2: create screen Add browse Screen by referencing the table which you have created.     step 3: add custom control After adding screen add custom control to the grid or table layout. step 4 :edit custom control render method Edit custom control rendor method to make custom control as checkbox. click on edit rendor code now write below code on edit render code method and get all checkbox function code. step 5: Add [...]


Crystal reports Bobj is undefined in visual studio 2013.

Today We will see how to solve the javascript error Bobj is undefined when Crystal Report is used with Visual Studio  2013. step1:-Install proper Crystal Reports Runtime First of all You need to install proper crystal reports runtime. step2:-Copy the Crystal Report Support files to your Website Root Directory Once the runtime is installed. Crystal Reports will install the required support files in the location. Now you need to copy the crystalreportviewers13 folder from the above location and paste in your Website project’s root folder [...]